Schools Division Office of Ilocos Sur

The Schools Division Office supports schools and learning centres and enables them to deliver accessible and quality education to the community it serves, by implementing education plans and policies, monitoring implementation of curriculum standards and providing instructional supervision and/or technical assistance and building communities of good practices, ensuring equitable distribution and allocation of resources while establishing linkages among educational stakeholders


I. Office of the Schools Division Superintendent

To ensure access to, promote equity in, and continuously improve the quality of basic education in the schools divisions under his/her care by leading in the development and implementation of the division’s education development plans (DEDP), programs, and standards (consistent with the national educational policies, plans and standards), building partnerships and networking with stakeholders of education,  as well as  by effectively and efficiently managing the financial, human, and physical resources of the schools division.

Office of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS)

 Assists the Superintendent in the administration and supervision of the activities in the division by initiating plans and programs suited to the needs of the division.

A. Legal Services

Provides technical and legal assistance, advice, guidance to the Schools Division Office
in the administration of the Division as a whole,
in managing and implementing educational programs,
in maintaining discipline to non-teaching personnel,
in supervising public and private schools,
in entering into contracts/agreements, for the efficient and effective delivery of public service and access to quality education and conduct fact-finding or preliminary investigation on administrative cases to ensure that all actions are legally based, towards judicious and expeditious resolution of cases.

B. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services

Provides ICT enabled solutions and services in the area of governance and curriculum delivery that will empower the schools division offices, schools and learning centers, to provide quality basic education that is culture sensitive, accessible and inclusive to decision makers and stakeholders.

C. Administrative Services

To provide management with economical, efficient and effective administrative services on personnel, properties, cash, facilities and materials to support DO operations.

C.1. Property and Supply

Coordinates and manages activities related to acquisition and utilization of material resources- such as procurement (using alternative mode), inspection, acceptance, issuance, storage, maintenance and inventory of equipment and properties and maintenance of an accurate record of all the Properties of the Division – towards the efficient operations of the schools division office in the delivery of quality basic education
To facilitate the disposal of waste materials and unserviceable equipment to derive economic benefit and maintain orderliness and efficient use of office space.

C.2. Personnel

Provides the organization with personnel administration services related to personnel acquisition, documentation and recording of personnel movement and position items , provision of compensation and benefits, and reporting to personnel oversight agencies

C.3 Records

Provides the organization with the information from documents and records as reference in its operations by managing the system relating to acceptance,encoding, releasing, creation, utilization, retention, preservation and disposal of records.

C.4 Cash

Incharge of Cash Collection and Disbursement

C.5. General Services

Provides efficient, economical and effective general support services relating to safety and security of office personnel, premises, documents and properties; ground and landscape maintenance, building and office facilities maintenance, and motor pool services in order to enable and support the office personnel in the performance and delivery of their respective functions/services for the attainment of the vision and mission of the office.

D. Accounting & Budget

To provide advice to the SDS on the financial resource of the division and provide services in budgeting, accounting, reporting and coordinating with government oversight agencies To provide management with economical, efficient and effective administrative services on personnel, properties, cash, facilities and materials to support school/s operations.


II. Curriculum Implementation Division

A. Instructional Management Section

Ensures quality management of instruction in the implementation of basic education curriculum among schools and learning centers by providing Technical Assistance on enhancing teaching- learning processes in the various subject areas for diverse learners and on the conduct of research on curriculum and instruction, new and varied modes of delivery, and monitoring and evaluating compliance of quality standards for the improvement of learning outcomes.

B. District Instructional Management

Provides relevant and timely instructional supervision to school heads and teachers, and technical assistance services by Division Field Technical Assistance Team (DFTAT) to schools and learning centers on efficient and effective school management, quality delivery of curriculum, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of school plans, ensure conducive learning environment of schools and learning centers to improve performance of learners
Sustains strong and harmonious partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders, to generate resources and mobilize the community to support the schools and learning centers

C. Learning Resource Management

Ensures increased access to and effective utilization of varied quality learning resources by providing schools and learning centers relevant technical assistance on the management of learning resources and address learning resource gaps in order to improve delivery of the basic education curriculum.


III. School Governance and Operations Division

A. School Management Monitoring and Evaluation

Ensures quality management systems implementation and adherence to standards and policies on assessment, and provision of TA towards effective and efficient delivery of basic education services of schools and learning centers

B. Social Mobilization and Networking

Ensures provision of adequate resources to schools and learning centers by strengthening and sustaining relationships and collaboration of education partners and stakeholders, and providing technical assistance in line with the resource mobilization to support special programs and projects for increasing access and enhancing the delivery of quality basic education.

C. Planning and Research

Provides the management of the Schools Division Office, schools and learning centers with accurate, timely and reliable data and information as critical inputs and bases for the formulation and implementation of educational plans, research, standards, and guidelines, by maintaining and updating the division’s basic education information system, performing analysis and generating reports on educational indicators.

D. Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development Section ensures competence of both the teaching and non-teaching personnel of the division, schools and learning centers by efficiently and effectively installing, implementing and managing the HRD services and T&D Systems, scholarship and training grants, and by providing technical assistance on the implementation of the Employee Benefits Programs, needs-based training and professional development programs.

E. Education Facilities

Provides schools, learning centers, and the schools division office with a physical environment that is conducive to effective teaching, learning, and working, by ensuring access to adequate, structurally and physically safe buildings, grounds and facilities according to the requirements and standards of an environmentally sustainable, hazard free, gender-sensitive and friendly to people with disability, education and work facilities.

F. School Health

Promotes, protect and maintain the physical and mental well being and readiness of learners to learn, by providing a sustainable Health and Nutrition Program Services by establishing and strengthening linkages with educational partners and stakeholders