Schools Division Office of Ilocos Sur commits itself to conform with the standards of pro-active, responsive and excellent service in order to meet the demands of clientele from all walks of life, thereby resulting to customer satisfaction. These can be delivered through accountable and strong leadership, competent and passionate personnel founded with genuine Ilocano culture and values, quality instruction, data-driven, evidence-based and research-based decision and policies, conducive, safe and child-friendly schools and learning centers, sustainable partnership with stakeholders, and responsive education support services.

Quality Objectives:

The Schools Division Office (SDO) is committed to:

a. Ensure quality service from all personnel as well as the efficient use of all physical and fiscal resources of the division;

b. Capacitate Schools and Learning Centers and engage stakeholders in the delivery of quality basic education that is accessible to all; and

c. Guarantee compliance of quality standards for basic education programs in Schools and Learning Centers.